There is a huge health and fitness concern in America today due in part to the obesity epidemic. Because of this, media is constantly swarming with the “latest” nutrition information. Unfortunately, it is often confusing as to what is true and what isn’t. As a registered dietitian in training, I trust empirical-based evidence as well as information from expert registered dietitians. I have compiled a list below of a couple of links to credible sites I like visiting and believe is worth viewing and learning from.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The world’s largest organization of food and dietetic professionals 

  • Nutrition education material for all ages
  • The latest credible news regarding food and nutrition for the public and media
  • Resources for health professionals
  • Information regarding the dietetics profession

Choose MyPlate

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  • MyPlate guidelines
  • Information on weight management and calories
  • Physical activity recommendations and tips
  • Calorie counters
  • Free printable resource material
  • Healthy eating tips

Let’s Move!

Michelle Obama’s Initiative supported by the White House Task Force and the USDA

  • Food and nutrition resources
  • Physical activity resources
  • Steps on how to implement health and fitness in every day lives
  • Nutrition education material for parents, children, and schools
  • Informational videos and photos

Kid’s Health

Pediatrician-led non-profit organization

*English and Spanish material available

  • Helpful nutrition knowledge and advice for parents
  • Health games and activities for children
  • Age appropriate educational information for teens
  • Teacher guides for educators (Preschool to 12th grade)

Smash Your Food

Phone app created by nutritionists and registered dietitians 

  • Nutrition education games designed for children
  • Based on children’s age and activity levels
  • Includes tips and advice for parents

Spark People

  • Physical activity tracker
  • Food tracker
  • Healthy seasonal recipes
  • Diabetes specific recipes
  • Informational resources

President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition

The President’s Council is made up of athletes, chefs, physicians, fitness professionals, and educators who are appointed by the President and serve in an advisory capacity through the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

  • Physical activity resources
  • Healthy eating resources
  • Facts and statistics regarding health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Program suggestions

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