Using My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a great web application to use to help you achieve your ideal weight goals, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance. I highly reccomend anyone trying to eat healthy and exercise to create an account and try My Fitness Pal out.  This web app tool is free calorie counter, diet, and exercise journal and is also offered as a mobile application when you are on the go. It is a very simple application and is easy to navigate through. My Fitness Pal helps you keep track of the calories you have consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also provides nutrition facts for the amount of macronutrients in the food as well. It also gives you the ability to document your daily exercises, whether it be cardiovascular exercises or strength training exercises in order to calculate the amount of calories burned. By collecting the amount of calories consumed and amount of calories burned, the user will be able to see if they are consuming too few or too many calories and if they are exercising enough according to their weight goals.

I created a screencast to show you some of the basic steps of how to use My Fitness Pal! Once you set up an account and input your height, weight, age, activity level, and ideal weight goals, you can quickly get started. The “Home” tab displays the total amount of calories you have remaining to consume based on your weight goals. It also displays the total amount of calories consumed, burned, and the net total for the day. The “Food” tab keeps  all of the food you have eaten that day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner organized,as well as displaying the nutrition facts. In this tab you will also be able to enter the exact type of food you ate and will provide a large database of matching food items and brands according to what you searched for. And finally, the “Exercise” tab displays the amount of calories burned depending on the exercises you did for that day. You will be able to search through a large database of different types of exercises you potentially did to track the amount of calories you burned, whether it be walking, jogging, swimming, etc.

Now go out and try it yourself! I use My Fitness Pal on a daily basis and it truly helps me with my weight goals. I know whether or not I need to eat a little more or a little less calories after each meal and can also see if I got enough exercise for the day. Good luck and happy calorie tracking!