Meal Prepping with MyPlate

As I mentioned in a previous post, meal prepping is a great solution for those that are always on the go and don’t have much time to cook anything. It’s also an easier way for one to have full control of what they are eating so they aren’t tempted to just pull up at a fast food drive thru restaurant and eat meals high in fat, sodium, and sugar. I am very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and working out all while I stay busy with work, an internship, and graduate school. Meal prepping may seem like it is a lot of work and takes lots of time, but through my personal experiences I can confidently say it is so easy, doesn’t use too much of my time, and is completely worth it!

I created a digital story about a woman named Sarah that lives a very busy lifestyle. She wasn’t eating right because of her busy schedule and she started to notice her health decline. So Sarah decided to seek help from a registered dietitian to get advice on what she should do about her eating habits. The dietitian wanted to keep things very simple with Sarah and recommended she begin prepping a week’s worth of healthy meals so all she has to do is grab and go for all of her meals. The dietitian wanted to keep the meal prep process simple and suggested she keep the USDA MyPlate guidelines in mind while meal prepping. The USDA MyPlate guidelines is a simple visual representation of what a well-balanced meal should look like. The plate recommends consuming half a plate full of fruits and vegetables, about a fourth of a plate of grains  (making half of them whole grains), and another fourth of a plate of protein (lean meats). It also recommends consuming dairy that is low in fat.

Click the link below to view the digital story on MyPlate and how to meal prep!

Meal Prepping with MyPlate 

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